After a jealous Regina seduces Aaron in front of Cady, Cady properly techniques to-break upwards its matchmaking

After a jealous Regina seduces Aaron in front of Cady, Cady properly techniques to-break upwards its matchmaking

Cady Heron

Cady ‘s the film’s protagonist, an unsuspecting adolescent girl that has been homeschooled for a dozen many years when you’re residing in Africa with her search zoologist moms and dads. Their first day from inside the a western social twelfth grade is actually an excellent “demonstration from the flames” introduction into treacherous realm of cliques and you will hierarchies having come molded ahead of the lady arrival. Cady is actually smart, particularly in math, and you can desperate to feel enjoyed. Early in the movie, she accepts the fresh new amicable overtures out of ian as well as their competitors The brand new Plastic materials, trying are low-judgmental. Cady at some point succumbs on sexy however, horrible attract of your own well-known crowd, ahead of redeeming herself finally.

Regina George

Cady refers to Regina George as the a living Barbie model: blond, breathtaking, attractive, rich, able to, and you will seemingly carefree. She actually is the best choice from “The fresh new Plastics”-an exclusive clique including simply this lady, Gretchen Wieners, and you can Karen Smith. We come across Regina’s impressive savagery early on in the movie, such when she dispatches Jason to have Cady throughout the cafeteria, otherwise prank-phone calls their girlfriend’s mom from the shopping center. Whilst Cady knows that Regina’s cruelty understands zero bounds, she aspires to take Regina’s put. Regina try hit of the a bus toward the conclusion the fresh film, along with the fresh new epilogue provides inserted the brand new lacrosse party to channel this lady anger.

Gretchen Wieners

Gretchen Wieners keeps a couple of determining functions: as the heiress to a dubious “Toaster Strudel” luck, and achieving of several “gifts.” She will seems like Regina’s next-in-demand, sporadically acting as Regina’s representative, and you will stringently enforcing the newest bylaws of one’s Plastic materials. In early stages, she looks pleased and you may energized once you understand Cady’s “secret” (taste Aaron Samuels), and soon after divulges all of Regina’s treasures whenever impression panicked and you may vulnerable. At the end of the film she’s got begun hanging out on “cool Asians” clique.

Karen Smith

Karen ‘s the third person in The fresh new Plastics, notable only for the lady sheer absurdity. Karen’s dim wit helps make this lady a straightforward person in the group to target and you will shape, such as for example Cady really does into the end of the film having a good “three-way calling attack.” Karen does not learn very first things regarding the motion picture, eg as to why Cady is actually light, otherwise just what “very first relative” mode. She have a tendency to uses malapropisms, such as referring to ESP once the “ESPN.” At the conclusion of the movie, Karen satisfy her dream of getting a weather lady.

Janis Ian

Janis is the very first person Cady fits at school, and Damian. Also bringing Cady that have history details about the brand new school’s popular characters, also Damian, Janis gets Cady an exact map of one’s university cafeteria and its some territorial borders. Janis dislikes Regina while they had previously been loved ones up to Regina first started distribute gossip throughout the Janis becoming an excellent lesbian, top their to decrease out-of-school and become good Goth. Janis’s rough wisdom actually provides the moral cardio of your film, veering Cady out of the dictate of Plastics.

Aaron Samuels

Aaron Samuels was a highschool older and you can Cady’s classmate inside calculus class. Aaron’s “boy-next-door” visual appearance lead to Cady in order to such as for instance your, even in the event Gretchen forbids the girl of acting on the crush as the Aaron try Regina’s ex. Aaron hesitates yet Cady immediately following she begins design herself just after Regina, and simply reunites together on film’s avoid inside Spring season Fling show.

Ms. Norbury

Ms. Norbury was a separated mathematics teacher just who prompts Cady to join the new Mathletes. Ms. Norbury occasionally will act as Cady’s conscience, just promising this lady to pursue mathematics, one thing Cady resists therefore she can endear herself to help you Aaron, but guaranteeing her in the future clean and deal with fault for her wedding about Burn Guide. Cady’s really upsetting comments regarding the Shed Publication try led on Ms. Norbury, and you will end in the woman work environment are appeared because of the police. Ms. Norbury lectures the latest construction away from ifications of its conclusion, that is past seen dance within Springtime Fling having Mr. Duvall.


Damian is the greatest loved ones with Janis, and the basic classmate at school to speak with Cady. Janis identifies your in the beginning to be nearly “also gay to work,” and you may Damian indeed features a watch to possess glitz and you will glamour, due to the fact confirmed by Mariah Carey prints towards his rooms wall structure, with his show regarding “Beautiful” by the Christina Aguilera on Wintertime Ability Show. japan cupid TIPS Such as ian dislikes Regina, however, with the a certain top nonetheless admires the new “fabulous” temper the woman is able to venture.