Interviewed by the police immediately following the girl disappearance, de Ruiter had solidly rejected whichever sexual relationship

Interviewed by the police immediately following the girl disappearance, de Ruiter had solidly rejected whichever sexual relationship

The newest letter said de Ruiter didn’t have any kind of intimate experience of Anina, but you to Anina shared with her roomie de Ruiter manage arrive at this lady “in a few variety of vision, teaching the girl on deeper levels additionally the characteristics of sex

However, if some thing physical got went down among them or not, Anina’s family felt like de- Ruiter held Anina’s lifetime inside the give, which he had failed her.

Spiritual or “productive knowledge,” and additionally sexual of them, weren’t strange in the classification in addition to composing regarding log try abstract and you may unclear – from the research something actual got taken place anywhere between Anina and you may de Ruiter

In another of this lady last log records, Anina typed that in case one can possibly avoid suffering it absolutely was the obligations to do so, hence range pressed the woman household members submit. They imagine the remainder of their followers deserved to at the very least know very well what she typed, and could decide for by themselves what to make of they. If this had happened with Anina, this lady family noticed she would n’t have started the only person.

“We, Anina’s sisters and you may mom, become we have to show some thing with you that we has so far withheld…,” their declaration first started. “The greater number of we have thought about they, the greater amount of urgently we have now want and you can moral duty to entrust your with what we feel is the real reasoning you to definitely she remaining united states. As it issues you-all no less than as much as it can united states.”

Their page pass on from inside the e-e-mails and on a website. Somebody during the Edmonton released it out and you can distributed it during a good meeting, tucking clean pages below car windows wipers on enough time rows out of car left additional Retreat, if you’re into the, de- Ruiter with his supporters sat in silent partnership.

it grabbed trouble with the latest family’s description away from a phone name anywhere between de Ruiter and Anina’s mommy, and you will said the family got authored “a deceitful portrait off Anina, and therefore decreases the lady recollections.”

“She is wise, thoughtful and you can separate, instead of the weakened people represented regarding letter,” new lawyer’s letter discover. It said de Ruiter reserved the legal right to initiate court proceedings up against the lady family unit members. A contact in the Anina has also been printed with the University out-of Included Beliefs web site, again saying their journal entries described “little other than waking dreams and visions.”

“Regarding respect having Anina’s recollections, in addition to anybody else affected, people are encouraged to forget that it not the case conjecture,” it said. “The thing is in sugar daddy Colorado keeping with what we constantly realized on Anina.”

De- Ruiter’s followers either weep when they feel his gaze, as he remains uncannily nevertheless from day to night simultaneously.

To the people who trust him, John de Ruiter is an innocent and very humble professor, unconcerned to the kingdom off worship who’s got adult doing him. However, he or she is and a business person heading an extremely profitable, multi-million dollars company, increasingly protective out of one another their photo and you will welfare.

Together with intimidating suit against Anina’s family members, de Ruiter have threatened lawsuits facing reporters writing on your, and you will charged their old boyfriend-wife Joyce and you may former followers to have videotapes, photos and you may assets. Joyce in earlier times told reporters its divorce or separation data files integrated a term stopping the woman away from stating otherwise undertaking something that would hinder their getting potential.

Within her 2009 affidavit, Benita von Sass estimated de Ruiter’s individual assets at the almost $9-million, along with their security regarding the Retreat Center, a good $75,000 monster truck, the home bought by the Katrina and put within his identity, and personal income estimated during the $232,100 a year. You to definitely estimate are now able to become rather high.